Inside there is a sacred dream within you that is calling you to be more. It will ask you to be focused, bold and available. It will drive you to excellence. Be confident, be courageous at this time and say the "sacred yes". Prepare yourself for the inward journey  

As a gifted PHD, Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Teacher, Energy Healer, interfaith Metaphysical Minister  and Visionary, "I intuitively perceive Truth and, without mental process I arrive at a spiritual revelation."

"I am Dr. Kathleen and you can talk to me"

Dr. Kathleen is a highly evolved gifted Holistic Life Counselor and healer of the broken spirit. With 25 years of experience, she intuitively perceives Truth and, without mental process she arrives at a spiritual revelation for each client. She is a guiding light for the inward journey


~Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon began her spiritual journey 28 years ago after the tragic death of her husband  in an automobile accident.

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She is CEO and founder of Angels of Life Miracles, a 501(c)(3) organization, whose main component is spiritual life counseling that is dedicated to changing your worldly direction and path by altering the way people operate on a deeper level from within by incorporating life-changing principles and spiritual modalities. Are you ready to create the space for growth in your life?   If you are ready, Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon is a highly evolved intuitive spiritual life counselor, hypnotherapist, inter-faith metaphysical minister, teacher, and energy healer.

Her methodology treats the mind, body and spirit as a whole. If you are looking for answers and spiritual realization, talk to Dr. Kathleen and begin to recreate yourself and connect to your powerful light within that will advance you to the next phase of your development. There is a sacred dream in each of us that drives us to excellence and fills our heart with vitality and vigor. It asks you to become focused and bold and available. As you grow in your spiritual identity, there is something strong pulling at your heart asking you to be more. Embrace the challenge to be more you. Be ready to do the work. The accelerated pace of our contemporary times requires us to become more.

Dr. Dixon’s practical approach to spirituality, offers clients a unique and innovative counseling style which opens the doorway to unlimited possibility and allows you to confidently walk through to create more desirable things to happen in your life. Her spiritual teaching and guidance transcends and crosses all religions and finds its way to the center of all people where there is no separation, only One Life, One Love and One Mind. She uses unique holistic tools in her spiritual counseling which include but are not limited to crystal light bed sessions, chakra balancing with crystals and light, sound therapy, hypnotherapy, past life regression, amethyst mat meditations, intuitive guidance and ionic foot spa treatments for the physical wellness of the body.

She also uses classical tools in her practice which derive from her doctorate studies and research in Philosophy, 10 years of metaphysical training, and 28 years of studying on her spiritual path. She counsels clients one on one at her office as well as by email, skype and other conferencing internet apps and tools. Her spiritual guidance helps you to connect to your true essence and look past your present situation to a clearer perspective of the challenge. She assists you in recreating yourself as well as opens the way for you to realize that hope, happiness, focused direction and peace are yours to claim.

She is the founder of Angels of Life Miracles, a 501(c)(3) organization and president of AOLM Sacred Healing Sanctuary in Torrance California, where she conducts her sessions and other holistic modalities. She calls the sanctuary an energy healing portal where clients find a safe space to speak their heart, heal, and find comfort, peace and direction. She is the creator of The Angels of Life spiritual teaching tools and Angels of Life Philosophies which are affirmations to heal the mind, and spirit and begin your day on a note of spirituality. Dr. Dixon has traveled the coast of California being in service to over 2,500 individuals with spiritual counseling and crystal light bed therapy sessions. She says she is “surrendered to her best life now.” She is tenacious in her commitment in effectuating change in humanity and creating a peaceful environment for individuals who wish to expand their awareness and realize their true potentiality and purpose for living.

These are the times when spiritual guidance can help bring in clarity. One of Dr. Dixon’s favorite angel philosophy is “I am not here to make a place for myself in the world, but to make a place in myself for the world.” The accelerated pace of our contemporary times requires us to become more.

~Are you ready to create the space for growth in your life?