~An Angels of Life Miracles’ Event
Friday September 9th to Sunday September 11th, 2022

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Join Angels of Life Miracles and Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon, President, and Founder of Angels of Life Miracles, and co-hosted by Shamanic Practitioner and Author Carol Woodliff along with 3 highly gifted and evolved holistic practitioners (see Bios below), in Palm Springs at a luxurious estate for a weekend of ceremony, restorative practices, and time away to remember that deep opulence of your soul where peace and harmony abide. Space is limited to twelve participants.  The investment is $1200 and includes:

  • Rooms (private and shared)
  • Meals prepared and catered by a Chef
  • Gentle restorative Yoga offered by Joni Consroe
  • Past life regression offered by Poppa Guru and Aralia
  • Sound bath healing offered by Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon, Ph.D.
  • Andean Despacho Ceremony to Awaken our Connection to Soul and Awake the True Heart of the World offered by Shamanic Practitioner Carol Woodliff
  • Relaxation in the oversized saltwater pool and jacuzzi
  • Family style breakfast and dinner
  • Lunch snacks
  • Reflection time

The beautiful Opening ceremony is at Friday September 9, 2022 at 2:30 and you are welcome to check in as early at 10:00 a.m.   Closing ceremony on Sunday is at 10:00 am and a light breakfast will be available for take-out. All meals are prepared by a chef and more information about the menu will be available soon. Do you feel you need to recharge? Come into a sacred circle of reconnection with us on this retreat.

CONTACT:  Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon to schedule a telephone conference for more information, questions, or concerns @ (310) 702-4516


Deep within us, there is opulence, a great wealth of the soul. Purposeful opulence is to train our minds to know that health, beauty, creativity, and abundance….

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flow to us perpetually. As we begin to refuse to identify with circumstances and train our mind to think independently of them, we become focused and aware of our magnificent possibilities. We can then rest in assurance that all our needs are met for the physical, emotional, and mental planes in which we live. To facilitate that we must be connected and in balance with all that we are. You came into this world as a beautiful, deep luminous being. Sometimes we forget and get disconnected because life is busy. We get caught up in our careers, relationships, helping others, taking care of our families, are fearful about moving forward to what makes us happy and have disappointments and losses. There seems to be so much that needs doing to address the world we live in. Do you want to take time away to rebalance and rejuvenate your spirit? Come participate with us in a sacred circle of support, light and restoration of your mind, body, and spirit.


Live Your Opulence retreat is based on the idea of returning to our luminous self, Coming Home to Our Opulent Soul Life and Releasing Who We Are Not. Below are the highly evolved gifted top-of-the-line holistic practitioners.


Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon, Ph.D. ~ a highly evolved holistic life counselor, intuitive gifted healer of the broken spirit, and a metaphysician who is dedicated to changing her clients’ worldly direction and path by altering the way they operate on a deeper level within. She actualizes this by incorporating life-changing principles through counseling, sound therapy and energy vibrational healing modalities.

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Dr. Kathleen received her Master of Science degree from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, California. She later received her doctorate degree from the University of Sedona specializing in Holistic Life Counseling. She is an ordained metaphysical minister and a member of the Metaphysical Doctor’s Association. She is the President and Founder of Angels of Life Miracles, a 501(c)(3) organization. She began her spiritual journey 32 years ago after the tragic death of her husband in an automobile accident. She is in service as a holistic life counselor, intuitive gifted healer of the broken spirit, and a metaphysician. She is dedicated to changing her clients’ worldly direction and path by altering the way they operate on a deeper level within. She actualizes this by incorporating life-changing principles through counseling and energy vibrational healing modalities in the form of sound healing, meditation, prayer, crystals, crystal light bed therapy (a form of color therapy using crystal light and color frequencies), hypnosis and past life regression. Her eclectic approach to holistic counseling strives to teach you to look beyond outer appearances and examine the significance of your being and purpose on earth and how you can contribute to humanity. She helps you to access and use your key strengths and identify the inner obstacles that hold you in limitation. Her goal is always to treat the mind, body and the spirit assisting clients to develop and implement their goals and find a magical balanced and fulfilling life. She listens closely to help the client explore their greatest joy and excitement and motivates them to make their dream a reality. Her deepest passion is to work and heal those who have abused alcohol and drugs, been sexually molested, and those who are grieving due to sudden/tragic death. She has lived a life of sobriety for 32 years. She has been called the pathfinder of the soul. She is a member of the Metaphysical Doctor’s Association and Metaphysical Ministers Association.

Education: Ph.D. Philosophy 2019, Masters: Metaphysical Science 2013, Bachelor: Metaphysical Science & Ordained Metaphysical Minister 2010.

Certificates: Certified Sound Healing Practitioner 2021, Hypnotherapist 2019, Metaphysical Practitioner 2010, Ordained Metaphysical Minister 2010, Sacred Geometry and Energy Medicine Level One, 2011, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki First and Second Degree, 1998, Sensitivity Development and Quantum Healing 1998


Carol Woodliff ~ a beautiful highly gifted shaman, storyteller, and has been helping clients connect to their creativity, and true soul selves though shamanic energy sessions, ceremony, and coaching for over 20 years.

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I believe we have many facets. We are strong and we are vulnerable. We may work a high-power corporate job and be an artist. We may be shy and yet want to express ourselves in the world. We may be caretakers who need a little more care taking for ourselves. We may be the person others go to for support and need a little more support for our own dreams. I understand. I live the dance of many hats and talents. I am author, shaman, actress, storyteller and have worked in some of the nation’s most intense corporate environments. I live the challenge of what it is to have a sense of being connected to something so powerful and yet bemused by this human journey. I do my own work so that I can be of service from a place of knowing what is my work to do and what is yours.


I am the author of two books: From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life and Stop Managing Stress! 20 Questions to Reclaim your Life. Check out my books page to learn more about them. They are available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Writing Coach

I work with select writers who want assistance developing their projects from both a spiritual and technical perspective. Check out my Writing Coaching page to learn more.

Healing, Ceremonies and Classes in the Andean Tradition

I combine 18 years of hypnosis and guided imagery facilitator with over 10 years as a shamanic energy practitioner and coach to provide powerful ceremonies, classes and private sessions to help you:

  • Heal trauma, karmic and ancestral wounds
  • Renegotiate soul contracts
  • Connect with your soul wisdom
  • Reclaim heart-based connection to other and the earth
  • Express your creative vision and purpose
joni Consroe

Joni Consroe ~ an extraordinarily gifted holistic practitioner and wellness consultant to multi-national corporations such as Toyota Motor Company and many more.  Creator of Joni’s Yoga Miracles a profound therapeutic form of yoga which addresses the mind, body and spirit creating breakthroughs, heightened awareness, peace of mind, happiness & bliss

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Joni studied at Boston University then receiving a B.A. and M.A. in Dance and Art at the State University of New York. Joni pursued a modeling, dancing and teaching career throughout the US and world, dancing alongside Baryshnikov and teaching at various Universities such as the State University of New York, Cazenovia College and holding an Artist in Residence position at the University of South Florida.

Trained as Yoga teacher by Samata International, Joni started to incorporate these profound spiritual principles with Yoga and noticed massive change and what she refers to as “miracles” in her students.

Through gentle Yoga, deep meditation and visualizations, impossible babies were born, bodies healed, supernatural health prevailed, vast wealth manifested, divine relationships were formed—the list was endless and FAST!

Joni has presented her program to the American Heart Association, Mattel, Office Depot, Elite Resorts and Spas, the Annual Yoga and Health Retreat in Kauai with Larry Payne and Samata, the Resort at Paws Up in Montana, MacArthur Place in Sonoma, CopperWynd Resort in Scottsdale and many others. Most notably, Joni held a residency at Northrop Grumman and Toyota Motor Company for 24 years both in Torrance, CA and Plano, TX.

When it comes to guided imagery, Joni is a master of words and feelings and provides a dramatic canvas upon which her students can create. Through her gentle, yet powerful approach, Joni’s students experience life changing breakthroughs, heightened awareness, peace of mind, happiness and bliss.


Aralia ~ has the most extraordinary, incredible, healing voice. She is a Quantum Energy Healer, Writer, Medium, Sound Therapist and professional singer – healing through her voice.

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Joanne Bennett ~ affectionately known to many in America and Europe as Aralia specializes in the playful discovery, healing and reparenting of the inner child. Using her nurturing motherly energy, she connects with Gaia to create the comfort of home. Owner of Ontology Wellness with and is in service as a Quantum Energy Healer, Writer, Medium, Sound Therapist and professional singer – healing through her voice.

Born in London, Aralia moved to the United States in 2011. Shortly after, tragedy occurred when in 2016, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After realizing doctors could not heal her, she decided to heal herself. Today she continues this success by sharing her abilities with the world in a most beautiful and profound way.

Papa Guru

Poppa Guru ~ is a highly gifted, authentic, and beautiful Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Shaman, Alchemist and a practitioner of the Dao and Hermetic Mystical Studies

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Poppa Guru

Roger Bains ~ affectionally known to many as Poppa Guru, is a Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Shaman, Alchemist and a practitioner of the Dao and Hermetic Mystical Studies. Spending his childhood in the remote woodlands of Costa Rica, he learned the ways of nature, particularly in the use of plants as nourishment and medicine. He is the founder and owner of Ontology Wellness and is in service with his companion Joanne Bennet providing services to humanity in the form of Quantum Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Medical Intuitive Services, Past Life Regression and Plant Medicines.

Papa Guru’s life has been full of many ups and downs. Through it all, the desire for spiritual evolution and gaining knowledge through lifelong practice and study, has never waned. His love for humanity and the growth of consciousness within every being, has led him to dedicate the rest of his life to the planet and the life that dwells within it. He lives by the philosophical viewpoint “We are all one consciousness”.