The practice of sound bathing, as the name suggests, is the practice of being deeply immersed in sounds and vibrations that have the power to cleanse and heal. It is a voyage of self-discovery through deep relaxation and meditation. Taking a sound bath is taking a holistic approach to relaxation and healing. It can be a perfect escape from the modern stresses of life. A sound bath can cleanse your mind, body and spirit and restore mental, spiritual, and physical balance to effectively meet life’s challenges.

Dr. Kathleen is a certified sound healer practitioner and brings over 30 years of experience in service to clients. She has been called “a pathfinder of the soul.” She is tenacious in her commitment to effectuate change in humanity and creating a peaceful environment for individuals to expand their awareness and realize their true potentiality. She offers Sound Therapy in a variety of ways and settings:

  • Individual sound therapy sessions at her healing sanctuary Angels of Life Miracles in Torrance, California;
  • Small private groups at her office or your home;
  • Private events at your home, or other private venues;
  • Collaborations with yoga studios for private events at their studios; and
  • Her passion is to offer sound baths at retreats along the coast of California.

Dr. Kathleen has the highest quality of sound frequency instruments. She takes you on a voyage into a deep meditative state filled with high vibrational sounds to bring peace and balance into your world as you release blockages that restrict your choices in moving your life forward to greater possibilities and creating spiritual and emotional balance.


The sound bath is the most natural and primal form of healing. It is Vibrational Energy Medicine that uses sound frequency instruments such as planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls, and other sound bathing tools to create ripple-like waves of vibrations that are meant to reset the consciousness and manipulate human brain waves to promote healing and a reconnection to yourself. It brings in a sense of relaxation and peace which resets and rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit.


According to quantum physics, every cell in our body is made up of small pieces of vibrating matter joined together by magnetic forces. Dr. Kathleen believes that during illness or disease the vibration in the cells is less effective or there is a reduction in the frequency of the vibration. Dr. Kathleen hypothesizes that when you expose your body to healing sounds, the sound vibration helps to raise the frequency of your body which brings more radiant health and spiritual enrichment. This is the basis for her belief that sound therapy helps you to achieve an optimal vibration.


Sound frequency therapy has been used to treat several diverse kinds of ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and disorder of the nervous system. The harmonic vibrations produced by singing bowls, gongs or other sound bathing tools are intended to stimulate alpha and theta brain waves which resonate and trigger the deep meditative state of the brain in a way that stimulates healing. When done regularly, sound bathing can have profound health benefits. The following are a list of some of the benefits of sound bathing:

  • Helps to release stress and anxiety
  • May decrease blood pressure and balance your nervous system
  • Helps you to focus better & achieve a deep meditative state
  • Helps balance your chakras
  • Helps you to find inner peace
  • Rejuvenates and recharges you
  • Activates a higher state of consciousness
  • Unlocks blocked emotions
  • Improves ability to concentrate
  • Increases focus and clarity
  • Uplifts your mood and reduces feelings of anger
  • Reduces tension and fatigue
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