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the obsidian place

The Obsidian Place is a space that vibrates as a high frequency portal in which Angels of Life Miracles (AoLM) chooses to spread light, harmony and joy through the promotion of high vibrational, sacred, rare and authentic blue and green Obsidian. It is one of AoLM's missions to present these rare Obsidians to share the opportunity of becoming a guardian to one of these stones. As a guardian, you will discover the powerful insight, light, and the ability of your Obsidian to bring in the energy of peace, balance, and harmony to your life. Upon receipt of your Obsidian, ask yourself what it is you would like to achieve for your life on a spiritual level. Meditate with your Obsidian and see what you receive. Be bold and courageous and do not limit the possibilities.

Raw Green Obsidian.png


Raw Obsidian comes from a volcanic lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallize and is used for grounding and divination. A stone without boundaries or limitations, Obsidian works extremely fast and with great power. These Obsidians come from the countryside in South America where beneath the ground is all quartz crystal. The quartz crystal beneath the ground creates a vortex of sacred and pure energy. Each crystal has been hand-selected and comes from natural and pure Obsidian.

191-200 Grams.png

Green Obsidian

Rare green Obsidian strengthens the flow of Universal Life Force in the region of the heart chakra. It is wonderful for opening, balancing, and healing the heart. It carries strong energy full of compassion to help a person expand his or her higher qualities. Natural green Obsidian is also called the Gaia stone. It will promote the growth of intimacy by diffusing anger and inducing compassion that in turn, will dissolve barriers among people. It will create a beautiful connection with nature. It will protect you from negative energies.

721-730 GRAMS.jpg

Royal Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian strengthens the Universal Life Force in the region of the throat. It helps one to freely express thoughts and feelings with clarity and aids with communication skills by enhancing the guardian’s ability to communicate spiritual truths. Blue Obsidian is used to develop clairvoyance while helping motivate people to seek adventure, take risks, let go of negative thoughts, inspire fresh and creative ways of thinking and increase confidence. It helps one view life with calmness and serenity.

Select your Rare Obsidian

Follow through to The Obsidian Place catalog for a full view of one of a kind Green Obsidians, Blue Obsidians, Crystals, Quartz and more healing tools.

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