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Our Travel Kits are a collection of all our vibrational sprays in a mini size which can easily be transported with you when traveling. They are long lasting as only a small amount of mist needs to be sprayed into the rooms for cleansing or whatever vibration you feel is right at the time. Our Phyto Element air freshners have been created to balance our vibrational field and harmonize our living spaces whether at home or on the road. Our collection of Phyto Elements are limited and a very rare commodity.




  • Cleansing Vibrational Spray assists in cleaning and protecting our physical, psychological, and emotional space. It is very useful for healthcare professionals and therapists. It contains Macarezinho flower essence which comes from one of the most protected sites located deep within the Amazon Forest. This floral summons all purity of its crystal source which assists in cleaning and purifying emotions and clearing negative thoughts. It also contains Arruda Oil known as a powerful cleaner and protector, and Rosemary Oil which acts as energizer and increases wellbeing sensation. 



  • Transmutation Vibrational Spray contains Amazon Courbaril flower essence (from the Jatoba tree which flowers during rainy season). The Courbaril flower is said to protect relationships and promote understanding with clarity, order and respect. It attracts angelic energy. Vibrations in lilac color help with transmutation. Lavender Oil neutralizes negative vibrations, calms anger and stress, and creates a sensation of well-being. Rose Oil here brings about balance, soothes and helps one to sleep.



  • Love Vibrational Spray is for moments of introspection (meditation and prayer) to help recognize inner strength and establish a connection with the Divine. It contains Victoria Regia (Royal Water Lily) flower essence which is for creativity and to discover personal potential. It teaches that vulnerability may carry remarkable strength. It encourages us to know ourselves and provides a sense of security. Vibrations in pink awaken self-love and unconditional love. Rose Oil here balances soothes and unleashes the feminine energy.


  • Self-Esteem Vibrational Spray is indicated for feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem or lack of courage to make important decisions. It contains Geranium Flower essence, which helps improve self-esteem and increases vital energy. It promotes inspiration and insight allowing one to be anchored in the present moment. Pitanga Oil (which is a red berry) stimulates self-appreciation and increases our ability to give and receive while Hibiscus Oil brings mental clarity for decision making.



  • Restoration Vibrational Spray helps to raise your frequency and vibrational pattern. Excellent for students, therapists, offices and businesses, it contains Aquape´(an Amazonian aquatic flower) flower essence which helps to understand emotions and clear negativity which may generate conflicts and also stimulates positive emotions. The combination of Clove Oil restores energetic patterns when one is in a large crowd. It releases energy impregnated in objects and clothes and environment. Cinnamon Oil stimulates creative faculties, promotes better use of our intrinsic abilities, and helps to release loneliness.



  • Harmony Vibrational Spray is beneficial for people who are irritated or critical, who live or work in stressful environments and as a consequence lose their joy and connection with their higher self. It contains Amazon Chestnut flower essence that promotes mental balance. The yellow vibration brings clarity, organizing thoughts and creating balance in times of stress and confusion. Passion Fruit Oil stimulates creativity, produces relaxation, and stimulates joy. Its sweet aroma brings back good memories.



  • Vitality Vibrational Spray is indicated for people suffering from physical or emotional blockages, and who may experience lack of vitality. It contains Amazon Molongo´ flower essence which acts like a warrior. It stimulates our natural strength and helps to confront barriers of all kinds, which may be external ones, or those we carry inside. Vibrations in green color awakens and stimulates vitality promoting growth, renewal, mental, emotional and physical balance. Sacaca Oil improves morale and protects from fatigue and stress.


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